Interaction + Industrial + Spacial Designer + Illustrator with a strong affection for music and the arts. Born, raised and residing in LA.

I drive impact by understanding systems, discovering opportunities, getting experimental and carrying forward what’s valid (and awesome). Previously I worked at SF, where we use design to combat inequity around the world. Also previously Kiska and NASA JPL. I am a graduate of Art Center College of Design's Product Design department, with a minor in Social Innovation.

A bit more:

A photo of Noel's mom in the 1980's

I grew up around a dad who built miniature models for films like 'Blade Runner' and 'Apollo 13,' and insisted I become comfortable in the shop, and a mom who was as strong in her illustration skills as she was doing push ups in Jane Fonda’s 80’s workout videos. Build for function, craft with care, push hard and get better.

I am 1/4 French, 1/4 Hungarian, and 1/2 Japanese, 2nd gen American, born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up, my family always made me aware of culturally different perspectives, and how each have unique value and insight. I started my design practice in Entertainment Design, combining of my love for film and industrial design to create impact through storytelling. While interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, I saw how problem solving for real world challenges could create real opportunity. I wanted to create that type of real-world impact, and I switched to Product Design. And like NASA, I am driven to explore the unfamiliar; to expand my understanding of the systems of the world, and how they contrast and parallel one another. I’ve been lucky enough to study abroad in Berlin and Jerusalem, work in Austria, and spend months solo backpacking through Asia, South America and Europe. I practice design in the same way that I practice travel; by being both systematic and flexible, analytical and intuitive. I believe that improving outcomes for marginalized communities and for our environment are essential; and I believe making the world a more beautiful place through art and meaningful experiences is also essential.

I have had some amazing experiences in these beautiful countries: Germany (university 2 months), Austria (lived 7.5 months), Israel and Palestine (university 4 months), Turkey, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Japan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, England, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Noel's Japanese family crest